I'm LekoArts and I create starters for Gatsby.js.
If you're a designer (and front-end developer) like me or a photographer you'll enjoy my Gatsby projects as those two groups are the target audience. You can bootstrap your personal project quick & easy with my minimalistic and fast starters.


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Full-width grid with large images and a light theme


CSS Grid, Animations, styled-components, MDX
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A dark themed, image-heavy layout


react-spring, CSS Grid, MDX, Animations & Transitions
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Playful & Colorful One-Page website with Parallax effect


TailwindCSS, react-spring, styled-components
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Typography driven, focus on the content & minimal style

Minimal Blog

styled-components, MDX, react-live
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Typography-heavy & light-themed starter powered by Prismic


Prismic.io, Emotion, Gatsby-Image, PrismJS
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A bright single-page portfolio powered by Prismic


Prismic.io, Emotion

Getting started

Make sure that you have Node.js and node-gyp installed on your system. In order to clone and use the starters you first have to install the Gatsby CLI.

npm install --global gatsby-cli

Choose one of the starters and install it!


Go into the newly created directory and start the development server:

gatsby develop